Clearly Apple is doing well after a long uphill Battle

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Apple, over the course of its history has had its ups and downs. This company started in the mid/late 70’s but to many of us it’s like it just started yesterday. Over the course of its long history it has always attracted attention and been the centre

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of attention on numerous occasions.

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Started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak there was a time Steve Jobs talked of bringing IBM to its knees. Back in the day, IBM was very much the centre of our universe, not Microsoft. IBM was the evil enemy, not Microsoft. Microsoft had the luxury of ascending to the status of evil enemy in the 90’s as IBM successfully positioned itself as a services company.

Through these years Apple certainly had it’s ups and downs but it was always King where it came to innovation. Now Apple commands and dominates in areas with product market share. It is, by all standards of measure, a successful and wealthy company. It though, although the journalists in 2013 tried to take swings at Apple for some very strange reason, is not an evil empire.

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Microsoft though still garners to the masses it’s ongoing status of evil empire. After Balmer did his nasty work and almost destroyed Microsoft, there is no question Windows 8/8.1 is dead. And Apple is reigning supreme in numerous areas and even its Mac desktop product is on the ascendency.

In The Daily Mac New’s article “How and why Apple is beating Microsoft to a pulp” the magazine defines why they believe this to be the case in very strong language. I found the article interesting. What I found more interesting is the references to supportive quotes they did over the years to their magazine’s work. There is nothing wrong with that at all. What was strange, I found, was these quotes. To be more specific, it was the language they were using in the quotes that I found not only odd but actually inappropriate. They were calling people Dofus’ this and that and all manner of things.

I think there is a way of getting the message across. However, attacking people at such a general level with such a broad brush is not the way to do it. I would be interested to hear what you think. I put the article here for review and thoughts:

“How and why Apple is beating Microsoft to a pulp” at