Windows 8 Might have damaged Microsoft Terminally

Windows 8

At iMore in this article “How Windows 8 compromised Microsoft, perhaps terminally” Rene Ritchie has seen a dramatic shift in people reading iMore on a PC and now predominantly on IOS.

I don’t think it is at all surprising to hear that Windows 8 was dead at the starting gate. Windows 8 is not going to come to life either. It was just too dramatically different. For corporations to have picked it up it would have cost a fortune in training costs and for the everyday user who uses Windows 7 it would have been what have you done with my Windows.

IOS is undoubtedly the major OS now and with that goes its halo effect and the new interest in OSX. Microsoft’s Office 365 is a different matter. This is an interesting platform and could succeed depending on Microsoft. It’s a good product and if Microsoft can re-envision themselves there’s not reason it can’t succeed. However, if Microsoft were to invest all it’s energies in Windows 8 and not in Office 365 it would be a big mistake on they’re part. It will be interesting to see what they do. Hopefully, they bet on the right pony this time.

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