Additional Thoughts to Installing Windows 8

I wanted to add or emphasize an additional thought I had towards the reinstall of Windows 8 on a Mac using Parallels. Although I was fortunate enough to have another machine that was already configured with Windows,

many Mac users would not find themselves in this boat. I tried, with various support groups in Microsoft just to get a link to the IOS file. Without being able to install my Windows I was unable to install Office 365 which I do use as my business web site.

There should be no reason for this. Microsoft is getting better at this but they are still failing to see the value and importance of a Mac in a Windows ecosystem. The Mac is simply just another player or device yet I feel there remains this slight bias against the Mac however, I do believe Microsoft is changing.

In this scenario there simply should be a simple means to enable a Mac to install a clean version of Windows. Microsoft must remain aware that few Macs are disk drive enabled. Microsoft needs to keep reminding themselves of the benefits of having Macs as part of an Office 365 installation.

This is a win win for both Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft sells more licenses of Windows and possibly Office 365. Apple becomes a peer player in a Microsoft environment and sells more hardware. And in the end, the end user is happy.