Apple’s Mac Sales Surge 28.5%

Whenever I hear or read that Apple’s sales of it’s Macs are in decline it never seems consistent with reality. It isn’t. Apple’s Mac sales surged forward 28.5% in the latter half of 2013.

This only makes sense to me. The iPhone and iPad are out there in such huge numbers and one of the true benefits of them is that they play in the Apple ecosystem. Everything talks to everything else. The contacts you enter, more easily on your Mac, are available almost instantly for you on your iPad and iPhone.

So this goes with many other Apple applications and numerous third party applications. A new phenomenon I’m seeing is the migration of applications that started in the IOS environment to OSX. This is to take advantage of the ecosystem and it makes using any Apple product not only that much more fun and easy to use but you’re simply more productive when this is the case.

For more information on this read “Apple’s domestic Mac sales surge 28.5% as overall PC market shrinks 7.5%.”