This new Section “Site Info” is all about relating Relevant Information and News

I just want to start out by saying that the new DropDown menu at the “The Mac View is all about bring you relevant information and News about The Daily Mac View and The Mac View.

I felt it important to have a mechanism to relay information to you to provide context to something that is being posted at either one of the sites. Of course, feedback is alway encouraged as it helps me to know what you need. For your fellow colleagues it just provides interesting discourse.

Always look to the The Mac View for all kinds of information around The Daily Mac View and The Mac View. You’ll find that at the Mac View the various DropDown menus will have categories under which I will attempt to post relevant information to that category.

Not only will you find information relevant to our two interconnected sites “The Mac View” and “The Daily Mac View” you will find postings at The Mac View under the header Topical with a subcategory for General News simply called News. The items in it will represent what I feel to be the outstanding item or items during the day. If there is no interesting news for that day I will leave this unfilled.


News in this subcategory is of a different nature than that from news sites. News sites provide you with a smattering of all kinds of news, some interesting and some not so much.

The News category at the Mac View is handpicked articles that seem to stand out and are interesting. Coming to the Mac View to check out this category alone has a benefit in that at least you’ll see one or two pieces of news that seems or appears overly interesting amongst the crop that day. Thus, it can give you a quick snapshot of that which is interesting.


Another of the categories in the “Topical” dropdown is Viewpoint. This really is an area to provide views around events which are highlighted and discussed. What’s presented here might be a simple analysis of something else or a bit of a contentious view. Again, feedback especially on these topics is definitely solicited as it’s valuable to have other people’s take on things plus it provides for an interesting discourse.

Much More

You will find under each of the Dropdowns an area that provides much more for the relaying of information and the exchange of the idea. The two DropDowns though I’d like to quickly address are the “Editor’s Picks and the “Deals” dropdown.

Editor’s Picks

These are choices for software, for either IOS or OSX, and articles that the editor finds very noteworthy and thus deserves to be picked. I always enjoy reading about software and if it has a very high level of support from the author or magazine then I’m quite likely to buy it if it fits into my workflow. I just feel a touch more comfortable that someone has tried and tested the software and finds there to be something outstanding about it. If it’s a good choice it’s not long till you see others supporting the products.

Something the same can be said of articles but this is a little more of a subjective view. However, it is still there with same intent as that of software.


Since I have dealt with this one before, I will just provide a cursory overview to its intent. Everyday I receive a fair number of emails advising me of hardware and software deals. I thought it useful for me to share these with you but only those deals that seem interesting or quite exciting.

I go on from there to suggest that the software, if it comes as a bundle or standalone, is an “Outstanding Buy”. Some of these bundles have tremendous software in the bundle that it just makes it an outstanding buy. I have bought a bundle that has a lone one piece of software of top quality that I’ve wanted and it, at regular price is more than twice the value of the bundle. Then in this same bundle there’s been three or four other almost have to have pieces of software that just makes this an outstanding buy.

The New Info

I hope the information I’ve provided here and will provide on an ongoing basis will be beneficial in your effective use of the sites. The Daily Mac View will always be your site that provides content generally at a depth level but not so long you feel like you’re reading a dissertation. This will remain a fairly static site receiving a constant flow of new content.

The Mac View is intended more as your go to site to get information about the sites, the goings on and even further content but not of the same nature as The Daily Mac View. The sites are significantly interlinked and are intended to work together. The Mac View provides the Web Presence side of it which is needed so that we can have a dialogue and exchange information and The Daily Mac View provides you with a steady stream of what I hope you feel is high quality content.