It’s a New Year

Some say at New Years “Out with the old and in with the new” but in the case of Apple this certainly does not apply. Most of what Apple did in 2013 was excellent and formed a solid foundation for the future.

For me what I can say is where did the year go. The years always seem to go so fast now. But back to Apple. The people who suffered in 2013 were the ones that weren’t getting Apple’s vision and thus their products reflected this. Mavericks was more than just an OS upgrade but reflected where Apple was headed and how they needed the OS to perform.

As an example, my view is Omni didn’t get this at all with OmniFocus. Their Mac version is becoming very old, dated, and tired. It’s not the easiest product to use and has been on the market for seven years.

They talked about a second version of OmniFocus at least a year ago and it’s still not hear. My understanding is they turned their attention to their iPhone IOS product and ceased work on their Mavericks product. While doing this, they discovered Mavericks did something critical for the application they were developing.

Mavericks has in it the capability they needed to resolve their problem but although they didn’t miss the boat they were terribly late getting to it. Will they continue to miss the boat. It’s important for a company and users to recognize what Apple delivered in 2013. It was very significant and they hit the money on every product.

Their Mac Pro is a good case in point. This is a product designed for today but is based on tomorrow’s technology. It is incredibly powerful but housed in a casing that is brilliant. The product has been a hit considering its price but it is what the consumer wants and it has an OS behind it designed to deliver.

Apple plans on releasing, according to Tim Cook, some pretty exciting stuff in 2014. I’m sure they can do it as they’ve now laid the foundation that allows them to do it. The applications that we’ll see delivered over the next number of years will also be very impressive but require the foundation to support their advanced function that we see in the likes of Mavericks.

2014 looks like an exciting year all around. Hopefully some of the vendors are able to get on board. If they don’t others will. There is a demand for these advanced applications and thus an opportunity. Someone will fill that void.