Three Remote Access Options

At The Daily Mac View I wrote about three remote access options, only one of which I really liked. I found, when I compared these three approaches, that Logmein was the most complete.

Parallels Access was the most unique and the most expensive. Younity was, I felt, ineffectual and unstable. Remote Access software is valuable but it’s got to be able to do the job. The one time when you need it, it may be to get a critical file that you forgot to take with you now that you are remote.

Even though some people think they store everything in the cloud, there’s the odd file they don’t probably by accident. It might be this very file you need. Logmein provides a complete range of true access functionality if it is the Pro version whereas Parallels Access, though providing a unique access method, doesn’t provide a complete access capability.

Younity, I feel, though interesting in concept is too precarious to take a chance with. With time both these other two techniques will mature. For now, the best option for this critical service would be Logmein.