Are Tim Cooks Days Numbered

In the Mac Daily News they ask the question “Is it time for Tim Cook to leave Apple?”. This is a good question for although Tim Cook is very likeable is he up to the job of leading Apple?

I’ll leave it for the Mac Daily News to answer this in their own way. My one concern with Tim Cook’s leadership is that of style. He lacks the passionate enthusiasm for the product that Steve Jobs brought to bear. Not only was Steve Jobs a great visionary he was a great leader. I used to love watching his presentations at least yearly where he announced new product. Not only was the product good, he was so passionate about how good the product was he couldn’t help but leave you that way.

This seems to be what Tim Cook lacks. This raw passion for his products. I find his presentations often a touch dull and there’s no reason for them to be that way as the stuff he’s announcing is great. The proof is in the pudding for 2013.

This will not be lost on the Apple faithful. The underperforming stock is more a reflection of this lack of passion and zeal for the product than it is anything based in reality. Apple products were all a hit last year. The stock should speak more strongly for the company than it is and there’s a reason for that.