Predictions for Apple gear for 2014 are beginning to Appear

This article from Techradar is the first that I’ve seen with predictions for Apple gear in 2014. Titled “Apple in 2014: what to expect” it highlights what they expect for 2014 as Tim Cook’s promise suggests.

I’m not sure if we’ll see all ten items. Some of the predictions are very predicable and are most likely to happen. Others are certainly nice to have happen and then there are those I’m just not sure about. I can say that in this list of ten items though there are only two I find of interest.

Item number 3. A better Apple TV is of particular interest. This industry is in need of a change. The idea that the cable companies can dominate the industry forever is folly. If any company can change this Apple can. Look at what they did to the music business and look at what they’ve done to the movie industry so far. This one I keep a close eye on as it’s extremely exciting to think that the little, lowly Apple hobby was much more than a hobby.

Item number 9. OS X 10.10 is more or less a given as Apple has really held themselves to this schedule. However, Mavericks, whether it’s easy to see or not, is a game changer. It’s the first in this new generation of operating system that can support some very exciting applications. However, as with anything new (it does have the whole OSX history to build on) it needs to mature. There is more to this OS than meets the eye.