Mac Pro Out of Stock as Reported by the Daily Mac News

The Daily Mac News reported that on Friday Dec 20th, the Mac Pro was already out of stock. Granted, the Mac Pro obviously sold to great success even though on it’s launch day it was fairly muddled.

Whether the Mac Pro sold out or is behind in orders is not understood. They are definitely not taking orders until Feb 2014 on their website but even orders placed on the 19th were not being offered for fulfilment until Feb. Orders as of today Dec 22 are not being filled until Feb. 2014.

I think it matters as to whether they sold out or are just behind in their orders. If they sold out, they obviously did not have enough stock for launch and therefore should not have launched. To be out of stock the morning of launch is not out of stock; it’s out of management and not appropriate for customers paying quite the sum for this product.

If they were already behind in orders or back ordered it’s the same thing. This was a very poorly implemented launch. Nobody knew what was going on. No one was trained or had any information. The stores thought they were getting stock and received nothing.

From beginning till this point in time I would call this a botched launch. The customers that are willing to pay the most are getting the worst treatment. This doesn’t speak well of Apple at all. They make the most on an iPhone due to the runaway nature of the sales and get the best in terms of fanfare, employee knowledge and on I could go. If this is Apple today not under Steve Jobs then Apple can have their own Apple. Customers will look elsewhere for a company that does it right; not one that says they care about their customers and let them down yet again (see the Sept 10 presentation).