OSX is going no Where Soon

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In recent times people have often talked about the IOS’ification of OSX. It moved though from OSX would start to simply look more like IOS to OSX would be replaced by IOS. Nothing could be further from the truth.

OSX will be here as OSX for a long time to come. Mavericks demonstrates that clearly. Mavericks is strategic to Apple’s long term vision. Evolutionary along the OSX path, Mavericks lays some fundamental underpinnings for this all too important OS.

Mavericks may take on some or all of the IOS apps and may look more like IOS but it will live in its own body. Apple has too much in store for this OS for this to be anything different.

Mavericks was a bit rough at the starting gate in v.0 but v.1 helps to rid it of some of those rough edges. Mavericks can assume some of the characteristics of IOS for consistency sake but this is a powerful operating system of a much different nature than IOS. Many of tomorrow’s advanced apps will be built on and supported by OSX. This is important as there are some very exciting apps in the pipe and of course much of which we don’t know a lot about. Mavericks will play a critical role in the evolution of these apps.

Added to Mavericks strategic role to Apple is just consumer demand for Mavericks. Users like OSX. It is not unusual to hear a Mac user defensively say do not dare take away my OSX. It is my view Apple has no such plans in the works. Only the opposite is in mind for Mavericks.