Keyboard Maestro a Winner at this years Macworld Eddy Awards

Keyboard maestro icon 100039963 medium

This is a well deserved win by an outstanding Macro utility. I’ve written about how important my workflow is relative to my use of Keyboard Maestro and I have always concluded this is the one piece of software I could not do without.

Peter Lewis, the developer of Keyboard Maestro, was taken aback by the win as he didn’t expect it at all. At the same time, he was very excited with the news. And so he should be. This macro program for the Mac is a power users delight. Macro utilities have somewhat fallen off the radar for other programs like Alfred 2 but though Alfred 2 can perform much, especially if you’re a good scripter, Keyboard Maestro just goes the extra miles. I’ve concluded in articles before this that this is the one program I could not do without.