The Hit List

The hit List

I’m new to the Hit List but this is probably one of my favourite applications already. It certainly is the best task management product I’ve used and I’ve used a lot. Not only do I find the Hit List fast and easy to work with but it’s kind of fun as it just works so well.

There’s one little caveat I brought out in my article “THE HIT LIST IS A HIT BUT…” which is there is no iPad specific solution. You can run the iPhone app on the iPad but this is not the greatest. Yet, if it’s a question between using The Hit List or not then I’ll run the iPhone app on my iPad.

The one other thing I should mention is it would seem as if the developer is MIA. Again, I love this app I’m willing to take a chance. I hope he turns up as he’s got a great product and I’d hate to see it die a slow death. There seems though to be many people absolutely devoted to The Hit List and I thought this is my as editor’s pick for Mac software.