Launchbar 64x64

Although I chose Alfred early on in this category, it had more to do with I was newer and fresher to Alfred. Alfred is one of my favourite utilities. However, so too is Launchbar.

I’ve used Launchbar for years and it’s incredible what this very, sort of out of the way utility can do. It’s incredibly powerful and even though I’ve used Launchbar for quite some time it is only now I feel like I’m quite adroit with the product.

Launchbar just makes operating your Mac so much better. As you grasp more and more of it’s capabilities you actually do start feeling quite empowered on the Mac.

One of the best ways to learn Launchbar at a deeper level is by reading Kirk McElhearn’s book Take Control of LaunchBar. Not only does he draw out lot of the more hidden powers of Launchbar he has a good way of teaching you how to use these that which seems quite obtuse in the manual. This software might end up on my must have list.