AppleTV gets further updates with new Channels

The AppleTV has always been a tremendous device. It certainly is getting very interesting these days. It’s just been updated with some new channels the most interesting of which is Bloomberg. This will appeal to investors but every time Apple adds new content to the AppleTV it becomes more viable as a replacement for cable TV.

Rumours still swirl for 2014 that Apple is going to do something significant on the TV front. They could potentially add more fascinating content to the current AppleTV or release a full blown TV with new content.

The one thing about Apple that makes all this even more interesting is the sway they have in the entertainment business. It is potentially possible for Apple to get such an interesting line-up of content providers that the cord cutting that has started in earnest could really evolve into a major trend. It will be important to keep an eye on this piece of Apple’s business as they have not fully exploited the possibilities.