Mac Attack

Mavericks iMac

A couple of days ago I reported that Mac sales prior to Christmas are going exceedingly well. In fact, the Mac is now the number 1 brand exceeding Dell. After working on my friends PC last night so that he could pass it on to a friend** after he bought an iMac, I thought why wouldn’t the Mac be number one.


I say this not in jest in the least. My friend is a high stress person and his stress I’m sure gets absorbed by all around him. It certainly does me. As things were not proceeding overly well with the reinitialization of his PC (Peter do you have the OS disks that came with the machine and he did not) I quickly realized this was not going to be as easy as I thought. I was not working on a Mac and oh did I wish I were.

Calling it a day

A call to Microsoft led to a call to HP. While on the phone to HP support I figured out how to reinitialize the disk and didn’t require their insight (I could have used another word here but I refrain). They did seem to require mine. They wanted the serial number and the model number of Peter’s PC to close the ticket.

At this point, with Peter about to pop a blood vessel and I oh so wanting…. I passed the phone to Peter to give the fellow the information he needed. It suddenly dawned on me the fellow was going to say Peter’s machine is no longer under warranty and request money for kindly talking to us but no more. That’s exactly what he wanted and with Peter’s blood vessel now protruding 6 inches from his forehead I said give me the phone.

At this point I imparted upon the kind fellow at HP a little wisdom. With mission accomplished, wisdom imparted and Peter’s PC in fine and ready working order for his friend Barb** his blood vessel receded and I then reflected.

I said to Peter I am so glad you’ve got a Mac as now I can really help you. For the first time since Peter got his iMac I think he had come to the same conclusion. He was now upon the verge of embracing his new acquisition which of course pleased me.

No wonder the Mac is the number one brand now. I could go on. But yes, there is a Mac attack** under way and it’s all for the better. The PC has done its day. People have gotten used to sophisticated function happening but in not an obscure way. If F11 now clears all your windows on your Mac so that you can fully see the desktop, so be it. There is great benefit in that. That F11 should be held down at boot sequence to go into the recovery partition this day of arcane measure is over.

Get a Mac. Don’t pop a blood vessel over your computer. The world has gotten complicated enough as it is. There’s no need now to buy a PC that will just add to that.

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