Launch Center Pro 2 a Real Time and Screen Space Saver

Launch Center

Launch Center is simply one of those utilities for IOS that you absolutely now need. When it first came, this was farther from the truth. There were no apps that worked with the program. As such, it was basically taking space and you could do nothing with it.

Now Launch Center is a powerful application that is much more than a Launcher of applications. You can launch many applications now from Launch Center thus centralizing the location in which you launch an application plus you can both organize your iPhone’s desktop far better and save screen real estate.

This utility for the iPhone is more than worth the money. You can not only set it to launch applications but to take actions. If there’s someone you phone all the time or text frequently set a launcher for that action. There’s many you can do. Both a time saver and an organizational tool there’s no going wrong with Launch Center.