Mail Pilot, the IOS Email Client, Goes OSX Public

Mail Pilot

Mail Pilot started out as an iPhone and an iPad app. The company smartly decided to provide a consistent user experience across platforms and develop an OSX version of the product. Having been in development and beta testing for six months, it went public yesterday.

Mail Pilot is the new breed of software application that is handling mail in a different fashion to make you more efficient and productive. Mail Pilot sees every mail item as a task or todo that has to be completed. Interestingly, this approach works well and you are able to process mail quickly and efficiently.

The OSX version of Mail Pilot is a substantially superior product to the IOS version in just about every way. The screens are clean, fresh and modern. They provide large white spaces to work in. The handling of your mail is fast and efficient. But more so, your mail doesn’t get damaged in the process and everyone can be adequately taken care of. For more on the release see LifeHacker’s news announcement.