Ulysses III

Ulysses III

I find Ulysses III a fantastic Markdown editor. This is the program I use, along with Marsedit, that I use for all my writing for The Mac View and The Daily Mac View. This is a superb editor however, there’s one particular reason this if my favourite piece of software for writing.


I do want to say or qualify something before I go further. This might not be the editor for everyone as it does Markdown in a bit of a strange way and it is not inexpensive. I used to use Byword and almost went back to it. If you feel Ulysses III either exceeds your budget or you prefer to work with a pure Markdown editor, I can’t recommend Byword any more highly. This is, in my opinion the best distraction free, markdown editor on the market. It has one other significant advantage that may appeal to the more mobile. It is available for IOS and works in OSX and IOS identically via iCloud. There’s more to Byword than I’ll write now so why don’t you read my review here.

Database Architecture

Don’t get me wrong from my above qualification around Byword. Ulysses III is an excellent text editor and handles Markdown beautifully. It just has a different way of doing it which is probably more automatic. Sending your text to another editor for manipulation, such as I do with Marsedit, is a breeze and it handles the Markdown perfectly.

What I really like about Ulysses III is essentially all your documents reside in a database. They are all in a central storage container under a folder that I use for the purposes of file management. This is very different approach than say that of a Byword which is file based storage on your disk. It’s easy to loose track of your files. In Ulysses III everything is stored in a highly flexible document database. In essence, you have the makings of a document manager. See more here on all the aspects of Ulysses III you might want to know.

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