Site Construction is Complete

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Site construction at the Mac View is done. The features are operational. However, expect with this site ongoing tweaks to keep it relevant and current.

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This site is intended as your go to site to find out information about the Daily Mac View and the Mac View. Additionally, the site will have it’s own unique content under Topical News and Viewpoint.

The Editors Picks is unique to this site. It is intended to provide you with software applications and articles that I think stand out. Check this out especially if you’re uncertain of which software to go with in a product area.

Additionally, The Mac View has two other categories of interest. Under contact you can contact us and ask your questions. I’ll do my best to answer each and everything. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll try to point you to a source that would. Sometimes questions require comparative analysis. I’ll let you know this is the case and the best way to approach that.

Submit an Article

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The final area that I’m particularly interested in is if any of you budding writers would like to contribute an article to The Daily Mac View. You can approach this in one of two ways. Submit your idea as an “Article Query”. If the topic and content sound good, I’ll give you the go ahead to write the article. All articles will of course have a contributing author citation.

The second way you could do this is simply by submitting your completed article. If it’s good it will get published. I preferably prefer articles written in Markdown but either Word or Pages will do the trick.

So I do hope you take advantage of this. Again, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me use the Contact Drop-down and send them in. It’d also be fun to include other people’s articles at the Daily Mac View. Finally, take advantage of the feedback mechanism offered at both the Mac View and the Daily Mac View.