Apple’s Stock Climbs to over $545 while Samsung goes into a Crisis Awareness Mode

Iphone 5s

I was going to start this piece of news with could the shoe be on the other foot but Apple never did need to go into a crisis awareness state when their stock dropped about $300 from over $700 to under $400. Today their stock closed at $546 up over $12 for a very good run on the week.

There were many questions, when Apple’s stock dropped so dramatically, if Tim Cook was the man for the job and is there anyone who could replace Steve Jobs. Tim Cook is likely the man for the job and probably there is no one that could replace Steve Jobs.

Apple though doesn’t need to go into any crisis mode but rather just keep doing what they’re doing and that is delivering great products. They also produced more of a vision statement back in June which isn’t something Apple tended to do. Jobs was the vision and he literally saved Apple from their one true crisis of the 90’s.

Some there are some now wondering whether Samsung will collapse. I certainly can’t speculate on that. As the following article details though on the topic they spend a huge amount of money on advertising relative to Apple. For more details on today’s developments see “Apple, Inc. stock breaks $545 barrier as Samsung calls ‘Crisis Awareness’ meeting“.