Apple’s Blackfriday Teaser

As BlackFriday approaches Apple has released a flyer on it’s sales intentions. There are no details as to what will be available but I’m certain there will be good things to be had.

Apple is resiliently less forthcoming on what will be discounted. From my experience, this is the only day Apple holds a sale. On this day I’ve always found good stuff to be had. I believe everything available at Apple will be on marked down. However, Apple is notorious for having their only one day sale not that large in size. The discounts to be had, I would say, average out to about 12% off. This is not to be sneezed at though. A sale by Apple of anything is nothing less than amazing.

Get out your Countdown Timer

It’s time to get out your count down timer. In some ways this should seem ridiculous. It isn’t for us brave souls who love our Apple wizardry. This may be the one opportunity to acquire that iPad or iPhone at least at some point . A savings is a savings. Take advantage of it if and while you can.