Apple Stock Rises Sharply in the last 24 Hours


In the last 24 hours Apple’s stock has risen sharply by over $20 a share. In actuality, it’s been slowly rising for a few months from is rapid fall from grace last fall and into the early part of this year.

There is some thinking that Wall St. might be finally embracing Apple as in this article “Wall Street Is Starting to Screw Its Head On Right About Apple” espouses. There has been a general thinking that Apple is undervalued. Certainly that is the view of Carl Icahn. A strong proponent of Apple, he has held the view for quite some time they are undervalued. So convinced is he of this that he has invested heavily in Apple of late.

Technological Position

As I’ve held strongly, Apple’s technological position is good. Yes, Apple lacks the visionary genius of Steve Jobs but he laid such a strong foundation for them that what was required was an architectural plan that was solid. That’s in place and the technology to support that is there. For more on this jump to The Daily Mac View.