Apple and Pricing

I could spend a great deal of time on this subject. When people say Apple is expensive they’re not. However, this is not a Viewpoint about that. This is about Black Friday, which is upon us.

As I’ve said, this is the only day in our 365 day calendar year that Apple has a sale. As such, a great deal is made of this day. The sales aren’t deeply discounted but a sale is a sale. Why not take advantage of it. On top of that, the Apple stores are kind of fun as it’s like a Carnival. Tons of people show up this one day to take advantage of the sales. Why not!

Shop Once, Shop Right

Since this is a one day of the year event, it is really important to shop once and shop right. Know what it is you want. Many people hold off buying their Apple product till this day. Know what you want otherwise you’ll be waiting another 365 days of the year to get it. If you want an iPad Air, get it.

Most of all, just have fun with this one day of the year event. Let’s not bog down into the discussion of Apple is so expensive. As I said, that’s a whole discussion in and of itself. I’m sure I could convince you in that discussion why they’re not really. So if they’re really not and let’s assume this to be true then enjoy the discounted prices. So shop right. Afterward, you’ll feel pleased with your little adventure. There should be no need for self-recrimination as you shopped once and shopped right!