Article on Applications can’t Live without should be Tempered with What are your Needs

Times of need

I came across this article in Zite titled “100 Mac Applications We Can’t Live Without” and I found it fascinating the applications that were chosen. However, as I thought about this article I thought this is a 100 applications you can’t live without. Certainly, there were many applications in the article that I use but there were a lot I could and can most definitely live without.

An article such as this really needs to be tempered with your needs. What do you really need on your Mac to either get the job done or just enjoy and use your Mac. It’s probably not all 100 of these applications.

I also thought and what are the applications I use that are critical to me. In my case I use DEVONthink all the time. I can assure you that although this is a good program it’s not for the majority of you. Again what you use is based on what you need.

If we were to go out and buy all 100 of these applications there would be many just collecting dust. Plus, there would be many that are needed but weren’t in this 100. Always temper your buying decisions based on your needs as some of this stuff is not cheap.