TextExpander Touch is dead at the Starting Gate


Apple declined Smile’s application to use Reminders as a method of sharing snippets for text expansion. Apple’s view and rightly so is that Reminders was not designed for this purpose.

One of the main advantages of TextExpander, the product line, is that it sync’d between OSX and IOS. Smile is going to attempt to come up with a solution by Monday but there is a major concern it won’t sync between the OSX product and the IOS product.

If this is the case, I think there is unfortunate trouble for the product. TextExpander is not as robust as say Typinator at the Desktop. I would definitely recommend Typinator over TextExpander if it didn’t sync to IOS and this sounds like a strong possibility.

The other problem Smile software is going to face at the IOS level alone is how to provide snippets that will expand in applications. The product was good in the applications it did text expansion but there weren’t many products TextExpander Touch actually worked in. Fortunately they were major products so you were fairly well covered off but it is nothing like OSX that expands in anything, anywhere.

Read more about the problem at MacStories. This will definitely be something to keep an eye on.