TextExpander Situation is very Unfortunate

Icon textexpander 140x140

Apple’s recent decision to not allow TextExpander to use Reminders to store and share snippets is unfortunate. The one function that is sorely missing in TextExpander is a Text Expansion function. This was one of my favourite functions on the Blackbery. There is such a function in the settings of OSX buried deep within but nothing the likes of TextExpander that sync’s throughout your whole environment from the Mac down to IOS.

Hopefully Smile Software can come up with something. In the meantime, I’m using Typinator on my Mac simply because it’s faster and if I can’t sync to IOS I’d rather use this for now.

Personally, I think Apple should buy this system from Smile Software and incorporate it in the OSX/IOS ecosystem. It would be an ideal add-on. This has to be very frustrating for Smile Software to try to keep up to Apple design decisions. Apple should be providing this functionality to the end user fully. This would be one piece of very useful and exciting functionality not built on work-a-rounds to enable the Mac and IOS user.

Whether Apple would do that is anybody’s guess. I hope Smile can figure out a way to solve this problem. Their Text Expansion software is unique because of its flow into IOS and is thus very efficient for the end user.