Viewpoint Atomic bomb

The name Viewpoint begs the question what is this section going to be all about. It certainly is not intended to be destructive. It is intended though to present a point of view rather than a pure, functional analysis of fact. It is not intended though to be a distortion of fact.

Viewpoint will be a section to comment on the goings on of things not just at Apple but really with anything to do with the Mac world. That of course is primarily going to be points of view around software as the hardware is primarily produced by Apple. Certainly not all of it mind you. Peripheral equipment is a good case in point.

Viewpoint might be contentious. It might not be. Everyone might accept the point of view being expressed.

One thing Viewpoint won’t be though is an Atomic bomb attack of anything. At The Mac View we want to hear your point of view. Hopefully Viewpoint will promote friendly discourse whilst trying to make a point heard.

Use Viewpoint as your place to be heard!