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Welcome to the Mac view your go to site for all things Apple. The Mac View is interlinked with the Daily Mac View your site for content. Expect a steady stream of current and topical articles relating to all things Mac including IOS. The Mac View is your site for up-to-date information about the goings on at the two sites. It is where you can also exchange information. If you felt that you would like to contribute an article for inclusion at the Daily Mac View just use the contributions button and either submit an article of 500 to 2,000 words or a request for consideration of an article submission. We’d love to get a diversity of content and views.

The Mac View is also your portal to the Daily Mac View. There are a variety of links to quickly take you to the site to browse the various articles. Should you not see an article in the current and recent list of articles that interests you try the search as the database of articles is growing and you never know; there just may be that article you’ve been dying to read.

I hope you enjoy this site and the Daily Mac View. Keep coming back as you’re more than welcome.